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The R&D department of Daesung Forge proactively pours its continual efforts into the technology development through aggressive investment and top-talent procurement to better the future of the parachute fittings and hot forging industries.
To be named among top global companies, ceaseless R&D has inarguably been a must-do until now. However, winning global technology wars has become the key component in order to secure the entrepreneurial sustainability under the uncertainty of the economy situation of the world.
For the purpose of promptly gearing up for ever-changing managerial environment and nimbly responding to fast-moving global technology changes and trends, our technology R&D center makes productive endeavors to amplify core competencies of manufacturing business in terms of technology, quality, cost and other associated things, meet customers' needs in a timely manner by utilizing our hands-on intellectual assets based on basic researches, applied researches, and accumulated business achievements and develop top quality products in the world of parachute fittings.

R&D Achievements

  • Hot Forging Technology Development Utilizing AISI 630 Stainless Steel
  • Cold Forging Technology Development Utilizing AL 6061
  • Extended Mold Life Cycle Utilizing Mold Surface Treatment
  • Enhanced Productivity via Improved Manufacturing Process
  • Optimized Mold Modeling via Forging Simulation