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PARACHUTE HARDWARE HOT FORGE STAMPED Daesung Forge Co. Daesung Forge has been manufacturing an array of parachute hardware since 1975 and, has been fully committed to enhancing its R&D technology and fulfilling customer satisfaction.
That is how our company's name, Daesung Forge is being engraved in our customers' minds.
Our efforts and endeavors have borne innovative fruit that displays our 30 year-old industrial know-how and hot forging technology. Our cutting-edge industrial technology, based on these technical skills, has enabled us to produce heavy equipment and industry machinery parts, not to mention our main product lines of parachute fittings.

Our participation in a project named "New Business Development Based on Pre-Order" in 2009 won the certification of authentication from Korean Defense Agency for Technology and Quality.

Daesung Forge was transformed into a corporation in 2012 through "Open-Book Management and Substantial Empowerment", which takes our global enterprise to a whole new level.

Daesung Forge is not satisfied with the status quo and constantly striving to show its innovational evolution. Daesung Forge will fortify its position as a leading company in the world of parachute fittings by acquiring a dominant market share and enhance our core competencies by providing
competitive edge products with high quality to meet or exceed customers' expectations, making rigorous efforts for technology development and cultivating exceptional human resources.

In addition, Daesung Forge takes its social impact seriously by implementing sharing and win/win managements. We strongly believe that it is our mission and gratitude for your support contributing to our community with our unmatched values. Daesung Forge